Pipa and Beaches

What about Pipa? We can use every possible adjective to exalt its beauty and yet it would not be enough.

The Pipa Beach names the district belonging to the municipality of Tibau do Sul, so it is not just a single beach, but several, one more beautiful than the other!


From Tibau towards the south we have Giz Beach, Cacimbinhas, Madeiro Beach, Curral Beach (popularly known as Dolphin Bay), Portinho (center of Pipa), Cabo Verde Point (center of Pipa), Abacateiro (center of Pipa), Beach of Love,  Minas Beach and Sibaúma.

Each of these beaches has an unique beauty, special and different from each other. So come to Pipa, stay at least 3 nights, otherwise the trip will feel short with that taste of “I have to come back here” in the mouth.

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Discovered by surfers in the 1970s, it began to attract sports lovers first. Here we have surf all year round and it is one of the few beaches in Brazil with a rock floor, which provides a different wave, who grows up surfing here can surf in any other beach!

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A little after the Europeans arrived, yes, Natal is the closest Brazilian city to Europe, only 7 hours flight to Lisbon. So much so that TAP has direct flights here!

Of these Europeans, many delighted with the village of fishermen who found, with the natural beauties, with the people of simple life, of slippers and easy laughter, they decided to stay.

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Today Pipa is a cosmopolitan village full of charm. Marriages have happened and we have a well-mixed generation that further enriches this blessed land.

The cuisine is varied and the restaurants are many.

The night has options for all tastes and pockets.

Now, live the day, go to the beach on foot, leave the car in the car park, enjoy the watching dolphins leaping out of the water, turtles that nest here every year and give a spectacle to every nest that breaks, is the show of life .

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We’re here to help you make the most of what Pipa has to offer during your stay. Do not think twice, Come to Pipa!


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