Property Management

For a long time, Praia da Pipa has been the place of choice for the purchase of a second home or for property investors interested in valuing properties beyond profitability through short-term rentals, considering that we are in a tourist center with great potential for growth up front.

We found there is a need for a responsible property management service, which in addition to simply manage the rental of property or make reservations, also takes care of the assets of those who decide to invest here.

VEM PRA PIPA excels in the care and management of maintaining managed properties giving security to owners and guests who invariably want the rental property in perfect state of repair and cleanliness, ready for a great vacation or short holidays.

We believe that contributing to the happiness of those who book houses, apartments or other types of accommodation with us, we also contribute to the appreciation of managed properties.


It is worth mentioning that VEM PRA PIPA is a small company that offers a very personalized service.

Our idea is that the owner, when hiring our management service, has security and tranquility. And that, when Pipa comes, find your property impeccable.

Also we offer an automated landlord area, where is possible to check everything happening with your property just in one click, no matter where you are.

Talk with us! Trust who knows what your investment means to you.


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